Dranas Defence Lab

Are you looking to enhance your personal safety and build confidence in challenging situations? Look no further! Our self-defence program offers a range of specialised classes tailored to meet the diverse needs of individuals, groups, and even workplaces.

Personalised 1-on-1 Sessions: Experience personalised attention and instruction with our one-on-one self-defence classes. Our expert instructors will work closely with you to develop skills that suit your unique strengths and areas for improvement. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to refine advanced techniques, our personalized sessions are designed to meet your specific goals.
Group Classes: Train with friends or meet new people in our dynamic group self-defence classes. These sessions provide a supportive and motivating environment as you learn and practice essential self-defence techniques together. Group classes not only enhance your physical abilities but also foster a sense of community and shared empowerment.
Workplace Team Building: Invest in the safety and well-being of your team with our workplace self-defence team-building sessions. These classes not only teach crucial self-defence skills but also promote teamwork, communication, and trust among colleagues. Strengthen the bond within your team while equipping everyone with practical tools for personal safety.
Mother and Daughter Sessions: Nurture the bond between mothers and daughters with our specially curated self-defence sessions. These classes provide a unique opportunity for both mothers and daughters to learn and grow together in a safe and empowering environment. Develop practical self-defence skills while creating lasting memories with your loved one.

Why Choose Our Self-Defense Classes?

Expert Instructors

Learn from experienced instructors with a passion for empowering individuals through self-defence.

Customised Training

Tailor your learning experience to match your skill level, goals, and preferences

Safe and Inclusive Environment

Our classes are designed to be inclusive, welcoming individuals of all backgrounds, ages, and fitness levels.

Practical Techniques

Gain hands-on experience with practical self-defence techniques that can be applied in real-life situations.

Don’t wait to take control of your safety! Join our self-defense classes and embark on a journey of empowerment, skill-building, and community support. Enroll today to discover the strength that comes from knowing you can protect yourself and your loved ones.

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